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I listened to the audiobook of 13 Reasons Why probably around 2-3 years ago. I didn’t review it because I just kind of felt meh about it. I’m pretty sure I just rated it 3 stars on Goodreads. I hate to say but I feel like it kind of glorified suicide. I mean, YES, the story is sad but I don’t know. One of the things about me is I like reading to discover different worlds and ideas that don’t exist. I think that is why I don’t enjoy Contemporary much. I rarely read a Contemporary, but every now and then I’ll get into one. The thing is there is enough negative stuff in our world, that I like forgetting about our world for a bit by reading about things that could never happen in real life like going to wizard school or something crazy like that. I don’t like reading the deep, dark, and depressing things that can happen for real. It is just too depressing. All you have to do is turn on the news for that.

Anyway, there has been a huge uproar with the Netflix show coming out. I was thinking about watching it to remind myself of the book, but people are saying it is extremely graphic. People who can handle a lot of gore are having to cut it off, or turn their heads. I know it is a sad story all around, but really is that extreme graphicness really necessary? I know it brings out the seriousness of suicide but more than likely teens are going to be watching it. Like with The Walking Dead, I’d love to get into the show but I tried and the graphicness of it was craziness. I just don’t do the graphic scene. Of course, I don’t like horror movies all that much either. And I am one to never go to haunted houses. I’m not trying to compare suicide to silly ghost stories,  it is just they make stuff so graphic now! You can tell an important story about an important issue without making it too much, you know? Especially if that story impacts teens as well. 

So I am curious have you read the book or watched the Netflix show? And what did you think about it? The way I am understanding it, the show is pretty different than the book with an emphasis on making it way more serious than the book.


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One comment for “13 Reasons Why – Book & Show Discussion

  1. I hadn’t read the book because the premise didn’t grab me – yes suicide and mental health are topics that need more awareness, but I didn’t agree with/understand/think I’d enjoy a book where the protagonist leaves clues for 13 people about the 13 reasons why they pre-meditatively killed themselves. I did however watch the show.

    Apparently there are a few subtle changes from the book, but not enough to significantly change the main story-line (there’s one key difference, but I’ll not say it here, cuz spoilers). I enjoyed the show for a few reasons – the acting was pretty good, and it does have a pretty good story-line. BUT I did have problems with some character actions (though I know that’s subjective), and I do think there were aspects of the show that glamorise suicide, or at the very least make it look like a highly dramatic, well thought out, and manipulative process. And that, I had a problem with.

    I’ll be doing a full post on all of my thoughts I think, as it needs a discussion to get them all out there! R xx

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