Do you love books and reading?

So do we! You are in the RIGHT place. And, yes, we agree – there is nothing better than curling up with a good book and experiencing things that you may not get to in real life.

So, who are we anyway?

We are three Book Bloggers from different places (and ages!) around the world who review books, have discussions about books, and we participate in the occasional Readathon. We each have different tastes when it comes to the books we like, so you are sure to see a variety of books on Spines & Covers!  Spines & Covers is *mainly* a young adult blog, however, we are starting to review and talk about other genres as well. Variety is the spice of life, so we are embracing branching out!

How can we help you?

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Meet Samantha

Samantha is the creator of Spines & Covers but she loves blogging with her sidekicks! She’s an avid reader, animal person, a coffee drinker, night owl, and of course a Hogwarts Graduate. She also may or may not be in denial about turning 30! She loves a good book that will keep her flipping the pages throughout the night. She would love to jump into the pages of her books, and make a life there (as long as super powers are available to fight off all the evil things). Although that isn’t possible, she thinks submerging herself into the stories is pretty close. She mainly reads young adult fiction. Here lately she has been getting into more adult fantasy and classic literature. 



Hollye is a travel nurse in her late twenties and a recent dog mom. When she isn’t traveling across the nation saving lives or hanging out at dog parks, she spends her time escaping into the pages of books. She is firmly non-genre specific and has a wide range of interests. Let’s say The Pagemaster had a profound effect on her and not judging books by outward appearances has become a mantra. She is super excited to start blogging at Spines and Covers and can’t wait to get to share her thoughts with you guys! She also blogs at Hollye Abner



Anna is a journalism student from The Netherlands, but actually wants to switch things up and start studying Animation. She loves to draw and besides that she also plays the piano and the violin. Of course, most of the time, you can find her buried deep into an epic fantasy novel, playing out battles and political games all in her mind. Anna is also an aspiring author and is trying really hard to be published. Her first novel ‘The Nameless’ is up on Wattpad for all to read. She also blogs over at The Nameless Book Blog.





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