April UpperCase Unboxing!

It’s time again for another UpperCase unboxing/unbagging. I’m still not sure what the correct terminology with this subscription is. Also, you may notice in the photo that I am REALLY trying to step up my bookstagram/book photo game. Look at those succulents!

So again, if you aren’t familiar with Uppercase, it is a monthly subscription service that, unlike other book subscriptions, doesn’t ascribe to a certain theme. They just pick a badass book, get it signed, and include some cool bookish goodies. This month was so fun! The book included was Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray. This story centers around seventeen year old soldier Noemi and her chance to put aside alliances and work with an enemy machine man called Abel to end their intergalactic war. And would you just look at that cover?! Gorgeous. Also included was a awesome LOTR inspired woodmark from the lovely Ink & Wonder. I was so surprised how light this bookmark was. And the coloring on the design is so pretty. Really love this! We also got a magnetic that is inspired by the included book with the phrase “Challenge Resist Defy”. This bad boy already has a nice home on my fridge. My favorite thing that came this month was this super magically fantastic Hogwarts notebook. I feel like if my meant to be alma mater had a bookstore, they would sell this in it.  MY PRECIOUS. Obviously, I’m a diehard HP fan (although I refuse to call myself a POTTHEAD – lame).  So that was it for this month. Thanks for checking it out!

Comment down below and let me know what your favorite April release was!

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2 comments for “April UpperCase Unboxing!

  1. I REALLY need to subscribe to this! Everything looks awesome, even the bag it came in. Thanks for sharing…and peer pressuring me ;)

    1. Hollye

      It’s such a fun one! I have very low will-power when it comes to books and bookstagram influenced me! I am now subscribed to four book services! haha

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