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I have been fitting more and more books into my single bookshelf for about 3 months now. I could tell that the planks of my cheap Ikea Billy bookcase weren’t going to support the weight of all books anymore and figured it was about time to get a second shelf. So I travelled to Ikea with my mom to get a bookshelf identical to the one I already had. Once I got home I built the bookshelf and started reorganising, which always takes me a bout 400 hours hahaha. Today I wanted to share my shelves with all of you and show everyone how I like to organise them. We’re going to starts off with the top shelves and work out way to the bottom from left to right.

This one is my top shelf. On here I placed all my same sized hardbacks. Color or author wise they are not ordered in any specific way, I just went with whatever I thought looked good. Because I have so much space on my new shelves, I can have a lot of books with the covers facing outwards, which is obviously what I did here. Caraval, Stalking Jack the Ripper and Red Queen are three of my favorite book covers and needed to have them facing out. To decorate the shelf a bit more I added my Suzuya Juuzou figurine.

Here we have my right top shelf, which contains my Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series and some Patrick Ness books. I wasn’t actually planning on putting my Patrick Ness books up here, but I didn’t really have another place to put them where they looked good, so this is now their spot. Whenever I get books in a box set, I keep the box set. For this shelf I placed my PJ box set with the nice illustration outwards on the shelf next to the books. I love the way it looks. As a decoration I added a little stone figurine I got when I was in London.

From this picture and the next one you’re obviously going to be able to tell who my favorite author is. Yeah you guessed it right: Sarah J Maas. I love her books and think they are absolutely stunning, so they deserved all the room I had. On the left side we can find my ACOTAR hardcovers (I still haven’t gotten my copy of A Court Of Wings And Ruin in the mail). On the right side we have my UK paperbacks of the Throne Of Glass series. I decorated the shelf with some candles and a little fairy. I’ve had these since I was like 5 years old and still love them.

Aaaaand here we have my other Sarah J Maas shelf. Yes I know, I own 2 copies of all her Throne Of Glass books. I also have the paperback editions of the ACOTAR trilogy coming in later so I have 2 of those as well. No I don’t have a problem (maybe a little bit). I just love Sarah J Maas and want to collect all of her books. It’s a collection…(and maybe a bit of an obsession). But seriously, look at these covers. They deserve ALL the attention. I also added another one of my fairies here.

On this shelf are more same sized hardcovers. It makes me so happy to have all the same size books on a shelf, which is why I could never organise them in a rainbow, like some people do. Seeing all the different size books on a shelf makes me insane omg. Again, I have some pretty books facing outwards, because they are pretty, I think we can all agree with that. The only thing that bothers me is the Magnus Chace books, which are so bright-colored and don’t really match with the others, but okay, I can live with that. On the shelf is also my ‘I like big books and I cannot lie’ mug and a souvenir my dad brought me from Poland.

Next up is my Cassandra Clare shelf. I actually have another copy of City of Bones (the old edition) and the Bane Chronicles, but those didn’t match with these books, so I put them on different shelves. These are the new editions of the Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments, and my copy of Lady Midnight. I think these editions are so beautiful. I actually waited half a year after reading City of Bones to continue the series, just so I could get the box sets of these (which is why I have 2 copies of COB, I’m trying to sell the old one). I also bought some cute cactuses at Ikea, which I think are adorable and put my little Cleaning Levi figurine on there as well.

This is my black shelf. As you can probably tell hahhaha. I first wanted to make this my fantasy shelf, but I was stuck with my Hunger Games books, that obviously aren’t fantasy, so I turned it into my black shelf. Yet again I put a box set box on the shelf, this time from my Lord Of The Rings books. On this shelf is also my jar with my bookmarks and my third and final fairy.

Here we have my Song Of Ice And Fire shelf and probably one of my favorites. First of all we have the five SOIAF books that are out so far. I’ve read the first three of them and wanna start AFFC soon. Next to those we have my Daenerys and Jon Funko Pops. I adore these and had to have them on this shelf. Than my holy bible aka the World Of Ice And Fire. My parents got me this one for Christmas and I loved every single page in it. In front of that is a mug I designed myself that says ‘I like books more than I like people’ and some book buttons you can’t really see. I got those at Waterstones.

This shelf is just books that all looked pretty together. I’ve always loved the cover of Ignite Me, so obviously I had to have that face outwards. Then another book I LOVED was Wintersong (you should definitely read it), which also has a STUNNING cover. And we have Lullabies by Lang Leav, a poetry collection about love (it wasn’t really my thing but the cover is still stunning). Between those are some scented candles from Ikea. I love scented candles. I have a whole box full of them.

This shelf contains all my bright books (as you can probably tell). Most of these are contemporary. I just liked all the bright colors together and I tried to let it flow into color schemes that look nice next to each other. I really liked the way it turned out. Also on this shelf is a cute little jar that I put some candles in. When I was at Ikea I saw candles in a jar as decoration and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but wanted to give it a shot anyway hahaha.

And so we have gotten to my left bottom shelf. This one is kind of a mess but still looks good, I don’t know how I managed to pull this off. We have my copy of Between Shades Of Gray facing outwards. It was one of the best books I read in my entire life. Also facing out are the first two books in the Outlander series. I needed to fill up some space and went with this. I think it looks decent enough. Between those is a little London box I got at some store, I don’t know, I just kinda put it there…

This shelf is uhm…pretty sad. You know how when you organised your entire bookshelf and you always have those books left that don’t really fit anywhere? Yes, that’s what happened here. I haven’t really thought of anything to fill the rest of the shelf with. i think I might leave it empty for the books I purchase in the future. So I can just put them there until I find the time to actually fit them somewhere onto my shelves…Like I said, this one is pretty sad.

So here is a complete vies of my bookshelves. I want to cry from the beauty every time I enter my room. On top of my shelves are some more box sets, my collection of Starbucks cups and these model things from the Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower that made when I was younger. I’m also planning on getting some fairy lights to hang around my book cases.

So now that you know how I organise my bookshelf, let me know in the comments how you like to organise yours!!

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  1. I like how your organized your books and all of the fun knick knacks in between!

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