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Bout of Books

Happy Friday!!!

I hope you guys are making some excellent reading progress, and making a good dent in your TBR piles. I am so excited to be hosting a challenge for the Bout of Books readathon, I have been looking forward to seeing everyone’s cover creations. :grin:

»For this challenge, all you have to do is directly link to a cover that you have recreated.  Any genre or book can be used. Also, remember, it isn’t about being an artist. It is about creativity and FUN!!!! 

»You can link to your cover from any of the following ways: Twitter, your blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other means that can can be directly linked to. Please make sure you link to the direct image/video/post/etc as opposed to just your account.

»When recreating a cover, it can be hand drawn, photoshoped, drawn on a tablet, shown on YouTube, or any other creative way.

»The winner can choose any book from the Book Depository up to $15.

Recreate a Cover Example

My little girl has drawn an example for you all. She decided to recreate a cover for Little Toot. And I have to say, she is definitely more creative than I will ever be. She thought less clouds were needed along with a nice bright sun. :grin:


Now, on to the giveaway rules….



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25 comments for “Bout of Books: Recreate a Cover Challenge

  1. I totally forgot to link my entry yesterday! I did Anna and the French Kiss (scroll down here:)
    Sorry I forgot. I did do it yesterday!

  2. This was a great challenge! A lot of fun. Thank you!

    1. Samantha

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!! :)

  3. Fun idea! I was thinking at first that we had to create an alternative cover for a book and then I figured out we were just re-doing the same thing. Thanks for hosting the challenge!

  4. Since I’m a graphic artist and have actually created some book covers, I’m opting out of this challenge, but I’m loving all the entries. What a unique and creative challenge! Thanks for hosting ;)

  5. Really fun challenge! Had fun recreating a book cover :D

    1. Samantha

      I’m glad you had fun with the challenge! I have enjoyed looking at everyone’s covers! :grin:

  6. Amber

    I put all three of my covers in the same blog post. When I add my links, should I just post the image links so that they are separate links for each one? Otherwise, it will only let me post one entry :/

    1. Samantha

      Posting the image links would be perfect. That way you get all the entries. :)

  7. I’m not going to lie. This has been my favorite challenge to date!!! Thanks for the challenge and giveaway. Happy Bout of Books!

    1. Samantha

      I am glad you enjoyed the challenge! Happy reading to you! :grin:

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  9. Wow, that was really difficult! I haven’t done ANY art since May and it’s definitely showing. Thanks for the great challenge! (Drawing at 1am probably isn’t the best idea when I’ve got work in the morning, though!)

    I did a challenge back in May do draw book-inspired art and I’m definitely going to start up something a little smaller and more manageable so that I can start making art again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Samantha

      Even though you were drawing your book cover at 1am, it turned out so awesome! By looking at your artwork, you can’t tell you haven’t done any art since May. I am glad you are re-inspired!!! =D

  10. 18 and over?
    None of the other challenges said that!
    Can I just get my parents permission if i win?
    And if not, its still a great challenge so I’m still gonna do it!

    1. Samantha

      If you can get your parent’s permission than that is fine. I do think the other challenge for today, and others, has it as 18 and over. I have it like that because I have to get your address to have the book sent to you, and don’t want to run into any issues. I did edit the post. :)

  11. How cute, it definitely looks better with that sun! ;)

    1. Samantha

      Haha now it doesn’t look as dreary. :grin:

  12. YAY! I’m excited about this challenge! Totally going to take up time from reading but worth it! Thanks for the giveaway! :D


    1. Samantha

      I can’t wait to see your cover recreation! :grin:

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