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Book collections come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us bookworms have several shelves stacked with 400 books, some of us only have a little cabinet with 10 inside. Some of us only read ebooks and some of us prefer physical ones. Some of us always go to the library and some of us buy everything brand new. My point is: everybody’s book preferences are different. despite that, I see a lot of hate going around the internet about other people their book collections. Today I wanted to talk about that for a bit.

Owning multiple editions

I’m going to start off with something that I have personally encountered. I have two copies of all of Sarah J Maas her books: the US hardcovers and the UK paperbacks. Why do I have 2 copies of all of them? Because she is my favorite author and by buying her books, I feel like I am supporting her, which I really want to do. I have read all of these books several times, so I also want to have multiple editions of these stories that I love so incredibly much. Is there something wrong with that? Absolutely not.

I see a lot of judgement on the internet. A while back I was watching a bookshelf tour from someone on Youtube and she had 7 copies of City of Bones. People were freaking out in the comments and calling her a hoarder because she had so many copies. I think it’s so wrong to judge people for their books. Whether that’s the kind of books they read, how they read them or how many copies of them they own. Why does it matter if someone has 7 copies of City of Bones? What they do with their money is completely their decision.

Collecting books. Why is there so much hate about this? Yes, I get the argument that it’s ‘unnecessary to have the same book several times, the content is the same.’ except it’s not always the exact same. What about collector’s editions or special editions of books. They usually release those a while after the normal book is released. To take Sarah J Maas for an example again. When Empire Of Storms was released there were some special editions with fanart inside of them. I think that’s amazing and actually considered getting a third copy of the book, because I thought the idea of putting your fans work inside of them was so unique and cool that I wanted to see it for myself. They sold out really quick though, so I couldn’t get one.

Conditions of books

Something else I’ve come across on the internet is the condition these books are in. I’m in a YA lovers facebook group and sometimes people post pictures of their bookshelves. What follows is a shitstorm of comments about ‘all the books looking like they haven’t been read’ and that a true reader should have books that look treasured. How bizarre is that? I am one of those people who prefers to keep books and neat as possible. One, because I enjoy taking pictures of them and uploading the photo’s online. Two, because I simply enjoy being careful with my stuff. And I also 100% understand if people are not as careful with their books.

My point of this whole point of this blogpost is: let people do their thing. If someone wants to own 20 different copies of the same book, let them. Who are we to judge? We’re all readers and we all love books, that’s what matters the most.

So what are your thoughts? Is it okay to own several copies of the same book? And do you own more than one copy of a book. Let me know in the comments!

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5 comments for “Collecting Books

  1. I think it’s pretty amazing to see someone with a collection of books that are all the same book. If it’s a favourite book why not collect all the pretty versions: I see a lot of people with multiple copies of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I think they are gorgeous covers. I think others should keep comments to themselves because each person can collect what they want – would someone stop someone from collecting multiple baseball cards of the same player? So how is it any different?

    And I love when books look new. They look prettier on your shelves when the spines aren’t cracked. I understand a well loved book, but I cannot stand getting a book back from someone who has cracked the spine on a book of mine.


  2. I love this post! I wrote a post earlier this week on how social media has affected my reading. And my whole premise was that reading is a personal thing. No one person reads the same. I don’t think there is anything wrong with 7 copies of the same book. Or taking care of your books. Or reading the hell out of it and having to tape the first few pages in it. Bookworms should be happy to see other bookworms enjoying books and stop book shaming! It’s pointless and unproductive.

  3. Molly's Book Nook

    hahahah these thoughts are just ridiculous (not yours, the arguments for collecting and condition of books). I mean, my books don’t look read and that’s because I treat my books very kindly – even after reading it. Like, I HATE when paperbacks front cover flips up after reading it, so I open it in a way that it avoids too much of that, then lay it upside down & put something heavy on top of it to flatten it. I even will go through EVERY book at a bookstore and pick the best looking one. That’s just me. I also collect – only Tolkien books and Chronicles of Narnia. It’s no one’s business what I spend my money on and put in my surroundings – in fact, it supports the industry the more PHYSICAL copies you buy. Sometimes it baffles me how much people get into other people’s business.

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

    1. Anna

      omg I actually do the same when it comes to paperbacks! I often put something heavy on top of them to keep the cover down hahaha

  4. I usually only own multiple copies of the same book if I’m given them as a gift or one of my copies is REALLY tattered and falling apart. However, I definitely understand the appeal of buying multiple gorgeous editions of the same book– I’ve come REALLY close to buying a million copies of Jane Eyre!! :) Great post!

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