DNFing Books

DNFing books

Let’s talk about not finishing books (DNF’s). In the past, I had this rule where I had to finish every single book I started whether I liked the book or not. I really don’t know why I invented this rule for myself because sometimes certain books just do not work out. It is just one of those things. See for me, forcing=automatic reading slump! However, I’m not quite as strict on myself anymore. In fact, I have had more unfinished books these last few years than I have had all together previously.



I know these books are the authors’ “babies” with massive amounts of work put into them, but at the same time I can’t stand reading something that is tedious, boring, and dull. It can reallly make reading a huge chore-fest. So I have learned to accept that there will be some I don’t like. Maybe hype has something to do with this sometimes? Everyone gets super excited about a new release and the expectation is so incredibly high that the book has been set up for failure from the get go. I try fighting the hype wagon, but it is sooo hard sometimes! I actually find it more enjoyable when I pick books to read randomly based on the blurb. I guess you could say I’m a huge mood reader.

Reviewing DNFed Books…

Of course, you also have to figure out whether or not you’ll write reviews for DNFed books. I typically do not write reviews for books that are not finished because if I don’t finish a book then more than likely I did not read far enough to get enough info for a decent review. But at the same time, I thought about changing this and writing a quick/mini review for unfinished books to mainly talk about why the book wasn’t finished. Negative reviews are sometimes frowned upon, but I have no issue writing a negative review (and they are my favorite to read!). It is just a negative review on a book I read 50 pages of seems a little more difficult to justify, you know?


I think many readers look to reviews before deciding on reading a certain book, but I found that this is not always the best approach for me.

I usually end up loving the books that have lower ratings, and don’t like many of the ones with 5 star ratings. I know I am completely backwards and it is weird! But, to my defense, on Goodreads a ton of 5 star ratings are from people who are impatiently anticipating a book which REALLY skews the ratings. But that is a whole other topic to be discussed!

I don’t like reading too many reviews because I like going in to books without knowing much about it. I find the less I know the more likely I will enjoy it. It keeps the expectation lower I think.

Another thing about ratings is that there is a huge difference between a 5 star Contemporary than say a 5 star Fantasy depending on your typical genre(s), etc. If you don’t read Contemporary that 5 star isn’t going to mean as much as to someone who loves the genre, you know?. Maybe that makes sense!

Do you DNF books? Do you feel bad when you DNF books? Are reviews helpful for you?





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