FairyLoot Unboxing

It’s here! The March ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY FairyLoot Box. AND I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE BOX. It was purple. And very beautiful. But mine got damaged so I recycled it.  The theme for March was Myths and Monsters. Look at the glory inside!


I have yet to be disappointed by FairyLoot. Yeah I know, this is only my second box, but they really do a great job curating. This month included:

  • A grey dragon-scale scarf. I cannot wait to wear this. It is spectacular!
  • A Nephilim candle from GeekyClean. It smells like Black Cherry, Lime and Ass-Kicking.
  • A Mermaid pocket mirror. Mermaid. It’s in my purse as I type.
  • The cutest magnetic bookmarks. A baby dragon and a baby phoenix!
  • Unicorn fairy lights!! I kid you not, these are unicorns and rainbows and make my heart smile!
  • A postcard with a quote from the book, “Did the Unseen City still stand? What power could erase a name from the minds of the world?”
  • The book! Strange The Dreamer signed by Laini Taylor. Actually signed, too. Not just a book plate. Also, the pages a sprayed blue. Absolutely gorgeous!

This was such a great box. I honestly and wholeheartedly think I will be a lifetime FairyLoot subscriber! Also my buddy is #FairyLoot02492 and if you are reading this…. PLEASE COMMENT! See y’all next month!

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