Going Vintage DNF Review

Going Vintage DNF Reviewby Lindsey Leavitt
Published by Bloomsbury Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, Emotions & Feelings, Friendship

For something different I randomly picked up Going Vintage. It sounded cute, fluffy, and unique! Basically you have this: girl falls in love with boy, boy “kinda” cheats with the help of technology, and girl swears off technology. 

I ended up reading about 65% of it before giving up on it. I think If I would have read this when I was a teenager I would have loved it to bits! But the more mature me just couldn’t quit rolling my eyes. It is definitely a cute book but just not for me I don’t think. I still wanted to write a review because parts of it was enjoyable, and I think ya Contemporary lovers will love it!

I love the idea of being young and swearing off technology to see how much effect technology has on us. I mean the online world kind of makes things impersonal unlike handwritten letters, and actual phone calls. Anyway,  Mallory throws away her phone, stops using the internet basically the whole nine yards. But what really inspires this is a list she found that her grandma made in the 1960’s when she was a teenager. Mallory sets out to complete this list like being secretary of a pep club, and sewing a dress, plus some other things. She believes times were simpler then and if it wasn’t for technology then her boyfriend wouldn’t have that chance to get close to another girl. But the thing is  I am sure it could have still happened in another way without the internet maybe call it fate? I mean can we blame the internet? If it was the 60’s he could have very well met someone at a party or a number of ways. Any who it is interesting thinking about how simple things were. But maybe they just seem that way? I’m sure drama and teen angst was still a thing then. I know it was in the 90’s! ;)

Being born in the mid-eighties I kind of “grew up while modern technology grew up,” which has been interesting and fun to say the least. I mean I remember the Apple computers in elementary school with the green screen (Oregon Trail anyone?), the rise and fall of beepers, AOL, flip phones, etc etc. I do love technology but I do agree with how impersonal texting is and Facebook really isn’t the best way to keep up with friends. I’d much rather be hanging out with someone then liking their status update. But I’ve never been a huge Facebook user. And I for sure prefer phone calls over texting any day. Maybe it IS because when I grew up, or perhaps my personality or it could be a number of things really. I have always wanted to do a time limit ( say 30 days) without my cellphone, computer, iPad, ereader, the whole thing. But technology is so engrained into society that it would be like I was unplugged from the entire world instead of unplugging from the internet.

This has become a totally rambling chat about technology instead of a perfect written review. But, hey, that’s ok! So back to the book I did like it especially the premise but I was just in the mood to move on to something else. I guess instead of calling it a DNF I’ll call it a I got what I wanted just reading half of it. I can’t give a book a bad review because I found the teen angst annoying, you know? 


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One comment for “Going Vintage DNF Review

  1. I did look into this book and thought it sounded cute – though your review confirmed what I suspected at the time, not the book for me. YA contemporary isn’t usually my thing and teen angst definitely isn’t. But I love that cover.

    The reason I really wanted to comment was on your little rant. First of all, I totally do remember Oregon Trail. I think it was one of the first games we got when mom bought a desktop computer. (That and Myst.) I would also DIE OF BOREDOM if I gave up my computer! I already don’t have a cellphone – which now that I think about it is probably pretty weird – so that wouldn’t be difficult. And I know I could last a month reading just my physical books. But that is something that teen me would have loved to try! (So at least I’m not reading this 10+ years ago, because I would have tried it.)

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