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We all have those little annoyances (AKA pet peeves) when visiting other blogs and not just book blogs. A lot of people say that music, dark backgrounds, cluttered side bars, etc are what turn them off of certain blogs. Most of these things don’t really bother me all that much. Mainly because I know that newer bloggers have to find their way of doing things, and it takes some time to learn what appeals to people. Or maybe it is just the bloggers thing.

If you blog as a hobby or creative outlet, and you want a dark background…I say go for it! It is your blog, your content, and it should make YOU happy. I guess you could say my first blogish pet peeve is when other people tell others what they should be doing. The thing is I have seen some blogs with designs that aren’t appealing to my eyes but the content is genuine and awesome. On the flip side, I’ve seen some beautiful designed blogs that only post blog tours which aren’t my thing.

When I first started blogging I was guilty of plenty of annoyances. I had a cluttered sidebar (actually two gasp!), and my design was definitely less than desirable as I knew absolutely nothing about web design and blogging (especially when I was using in the beginning). I jumped straight into blogging on a whim. Since then I have learned a lot about myself as a blogger.


Now you know what bugs me? Reading a blog post and suddenly here comes that annoying pop up covering half the screen right over what I was reading. It is even worse on my phone. I will immediately click off the page if this happens. Look, if I want to subscribe by email I will look for the spot to enter my email address. I am fully capable of locating it allllll by myself. I promise it doesn’t need to be thrown into my face. Also a subscription box doesn’t need to be at the end of the post, in the sidebar, and popping up every 2.5 seconds. In my opinion, it is overkill and being subtle is the way to go. I mainly use my phone to browse blogs, and these pop up ads/subscription boxes are a huge annoyance and turn off. 


This practice seriously drives me mad! You typically don’t see it within book blogs (I hope it never becomes a trend either), but all this does is annoy people to get more page views. As an example, I was looking at phone cases trying to find one that suited me, and all the blogs would list one with two sentences and you’d have to click page 2 to see the next one. And of course, after viewing so many you’d have to click out of an ad. I am not even sure what this is called or how it can possibly help anything but page views. 


I am not convinced ads in general are that effective. Or maybe I’m just not that gullible. That goes with all ads for TV commercials, facebook, radio, blogs, etc. If I come across a blog that is full of ads in the sidebar(s), within the posts, at the bottom, EVERYWHERE I will immediately click out of the blog. A few subtle ads are no biggie, but when your site is nothing but ads you are telling me basically money is the only thing you care about. And talking ads? I have no words for them…


I have a hard time reading blogs where the blogger doesn’t split up paragraphs. It is so difficult reading blog posts when the text goes on an on. If I try reading it my eyes feel like they are crossing and the letters start running together. I really do try not being judgmental but it is very hard to read content that is a huge wall of text. I think this is the only “design” thing that really bugs me.




What are some of your blog pet peeves?




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4 comments for “How to Be Annoying to Your Readers

  1. Ughh, I can relate to all of these… Honestly, for book bloggers ads just aren’t very viable, we just don’t have the sizable audiences of DIY and Fashion blogger that can yield sustainable ad revenue. I think the best course of action for us is to open up a side business connected to our blogs.

    I really do hate it when a post is divided into multiple pages, have to click and wait for each post to load is the height of annoyance…

  2. I absolutely hate when travel blogs (and sometimes fashion blogs, just depends on the post) have HUGE pictures and only have 3 sentences talking about the topic in the title. I get that you need pictures–travel/fashion is such a visual thing–but when I click on your article for info about something, I expect actual info!

    I’m not too picky about my book blogs though. I do agree with the big walls of text. I hate scrolling forever and I easily get lost in all the text. I suppose I have a short attention span :P

  3. Those pop ups are the worst! I read a lot of blog posts on my phone too and when a pop up comes up and I have to click the x button- but it takes several tries because the x button is so small or there’s no x button until a certain amount of time, ugh. Sometimes I even just give up on reading the post if I get so annoyed by the many pop ups. And the 100 click posts are awful too! And don’t even get me started on if my connection is bad and it just gives up loading the page after 6 pages and I can’t continue the list of whatever I was clicking. I agree with every single point! Great post!

  4. Talking ads are my least favorite :/ THAT 100 CLICK CRAP. OH MY GOD, I HATE IT SO MUCH. I’m actually kind of okay with pop-ups, as long as they go away permanently after I click out of them. But when they keep coming back….

    Great post!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

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