June 24 Hour Readathon

I have always wanted to do a readathon on the blog because readathons are one of my most favorite things ever! There isn’t really any happenin’ at the moment, so I thought I’d do my own. Hollye and I are doing a low key 24 hour readathon this coming Wednesday (June 21), and you guys should totally join in with us if your up for it. I will be most likely making this a readathon that happens once a month. This one is planned on a very quick whim so it is going to just be a day of reading without any challenges. Feel free to challenge yourself! For the next ones I will add challenges, sprints, and other things.

So it will start at 7 am your time, and end at 7 am your time the next day – Thursday. Instead of setting a time in a certain time zone, I figured it out would be a lot easier this way haha! All you have to do to sign up is comment below with a link to your twitter, blog, Facebook, etc post with your intention of joining in and/or of your TBR. An Instagram photo will also work!

What do you win by joining? You win a day of tons of reading with us of course! But it is a no pressure thing just read what you can. It’s the fun that matters!

You can chat on Twitter with Hollye and I using the Hashtag #June24athon. Or you can connect with us on this post as we will update it with our TBR and progress throughout the day Wednesday.

Happy Reading!


Samantha’s TBR

I’m going to try my best to read at least 500 pages, even more would be awesome! We will see how it goes. The first book on my TBR is Sweep #1, Book of Shadows. It is about witches and it is fairly short at under 200 pages, perfect readathon book. If I finish Book of Shadows, I’ll continue reading Half a King which I just started.

I also will be listening to Dept. of Speculation when I need to rest my eyes or need to do things. It is listed on a lot of must read lists for short books, but I honestly am not sure what it is about.


Hollye’s TBR

This readathon came at the best time! I’ve started two books and I’m having trouble with bouncing between them. So my primary goal is to finish them both! My ultimate goal, though,  is to finish both and at least half of a third book. It’s anyone’s guess how far I’ll get through! I really wanna challenge myself on this one.

As of this very moment I am on page 77/398 of Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow and at page 168/356 of Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo, which I also have on audiobook to switch to for some of the tough times. If I get through both these books, I’d like to continue on with the Grisha Trilogy and start Seige & Storm. Yay goals!

Samantha’s Progress
Hollye’s Progress



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