Are Reading Slumps a Myth?

I have a question for you – do you think reading slumps are real? Spoiler Alert- I don’t

Here is what I’ve decided my definition of a reading slump is gathered by everyone’s reaction to not reading:

A reading slump is the unfortunate occurrence where reading doesn’t happen. The reason could be laziness, busyness, the desire to do other activities (i.e.; Netflix), book boredom, or simply the act of procrastination.  AKA reading ain’t happenin’, period.

I think the number one reason why people suddenly pronounce loudly and sadly that they are in a reading slump is the issue of not being able to get into a book. Any book. “I’VE TRIED ALL THE BOOKS!” All you want to do is scream, “SELF, FINISH A BOOK NOW!”. Thus, book boredom occurs. But, see, I don’t think boredom equals a slump. You (me?) are bored, that is all. You gotta unbored yourself. Because it can get worse…

You know what happens when I get bored with a book? I put it down and eyeball it every now and then while marathoning something on Netflix. There IS a simple solution though. Pick a different book. I have a bad habit of when not liking a book I feel guilty, and I end up falling out of the reading habit. It is ridiculous, I know I’m working on it haha. I told you it gets worse, the reading habit is what is important. I think a reading slump should be renamed “my reading habit is gone for ___ reason”.  Anywho. I think when proclaiming to the World Wide Web that a reading slump danger is impending you must either a) pick another book if your bored, b) turn off netflix, c) quit being lazy, or d) just pick up your book even it is only 5 pages at a time. Simple right? Otherwise it becomes procrastination and doom follows.

I am currently in the process of picking up my reading habit again after assuming I was in the ill fated slump for a super ridiculous amount of time. I got to thinking about how I honestly feel like the big slump is a myth. There IS a real reason readin’ isn’t happening. For me I lost my habit I think. You know what I’m doing? I have unofficially challenged myself to read everyday for 30 days. So far so good. I saw a BookTube video on this which totally inspired this. Click here to be inspired too.

So an inquiring mind wants to know, do you think reading slumps are a thing? I think the reading slump is a catch all phrase for whatever reason your not reading. Plus, I think it is perfectly acceptable for your reading to be happening more/less during your life depending on what is going on. I think the trick is not to lose the reading habit completely. For me buying books helps this.


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6 comments for “Are Reading Slumps a Myth?

  1. Molly's Book Nook

    You make some really valid points haha Sometimes a slump for me is when I’m not liking books but usually I use it during the times that I just DON’T want to read. Not because books are boring me, but because I just don’t want to physically read a book. I have no desire to pick one up, at all. I’d rather watch tv, clean, go outside, blog, or do ANYTHING else besides reading. I’m probably in the minority with that definition, though. I don’t know. hahaha However, I was just in your definition of just being bored. I wasn’t into any book but I finally read a book that hooked me and now I’m reading every day. Just started my second book this week! So, yay me! hahah Great discussion.

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

  2. Greg Hill

    I do believe in slumps but I also agree there can be lots of reasons for them. sometimes I just don’t feel like reading (Netflix is calling.. hellooo) but other times it’s a book hangover or nothing sounds good. And being a mood reader doesn’t help. :) But luckily I don’t get slumps too often…

    Great post!

  3. I usually hear a reading slump defined as a period of time where you don’t like any of the books you read, though people probably use the term differently across different book communities, so your definition is equally valid! Personally, I’ve only ever had what I consider to be a reading slump once – right now, actually. I’m reading the same amount of books I usually do, I’m just not enjoying any of them.

    However, when I’m knee deep in a book I dislike so much I don’t even want to try continuing it, I usually DNF it or start another book. I’m fortunate that I have enough time to read a lot, though. Best of luck with your goal!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Samantha

      I usually just DNF too, but man I hate doing that. I use to never DNF a book but I learned that sometimes it’s just gotta happen lol.

      But yeah there are different definitions of reading slumps. Not liking certain books, in my opinion, means you just don’t like the books – not really a slump. I think of a slump as not reading at all but I can see how both ideas would kinda fit the definition of a reading slump.

  4. I am challenging myself to read at least 20 pages a day….no matter what.

    So what are your thoughts on a “book hangover” does that qualify as legit? Like you’ve read a book and all you want to do is read that book over and over and over.

    1. Samantha

      Challenging yourself to read everyday is excellent!

      I’m not sure what I think about book hangovers. I think it kinda just means you read one awesome book haha.I actually love when this happens and I get super passionate about a book, you know? But then it is hard to get into other books…

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