The Review Policy

review policy

We are currently accepting review requests. If you would like to request a book review by Spines & Covers please review the policy below. If you have any questions or requests you can email us at, or just use the form below to submit a book review request.


Books Accepted:

  • Young adult: We mainly read young adult fiction, so most all young adult books including paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, and dystopian. We also read and review New Adult fiction as well.
  • Adult Fiction: Our blog is starting to branch out from just strictly young adult, so Dystopian and Fantasy are accepted within adult fiction.
  • We are currently not accepting non-fiction books.

The Review:

All reviews will include:

  • Synopsis
  • The Cover
  • Page count
  • The Title
  • Date of Release
  • Publisher
  • A respectfully honest and complete review posted on the blog and Goodreads rated using the basic 5 star rating system. If you’d like the review posted elsewhere such as Amazon just let us know!

Time Frame:

Generally most all reviews will be posted within  two months depending on our schedules. If the book is a new release then it will be posted two weeks before the release date unless there is a certain preference.


Reviews can be provided for ARC’s, completed physical copies, e-books, and galleys; however, physical copies are preferred.

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