The Selection: Series Review

by Kiera Cass
Published by HarperTeen Genres: Dystopian, Friendship, Homosexuality, Love & Romance, Romance, Royalty, War, Young Adult

Hey guys! So I did a review on the first book in Kiera Cass’s The Selection series a while back. It’s here. I flew through the rest and didn’t really stop to plan out reviews of each individual book, plus it’s SO HARD to review more than the first in a series without the dreaded…. SPOILERS!! So I thought the best way to handle it would be to compile one big overview WITH spoilers so I could really get into what I loved, what I didn’t love, and what I downright hated (I’m looking at you, first half of The Heir). This series has become a total semi-guilty pleasure for me. I mean, I don’t hide in broom closets to read it or anything, but I wouldn’t just openly rave about it to strangers. Except that is kinda what I’m about to do. But you guys aren’t strangers! No! You are my brothers and sisters in lit. Here were go!






Book Number 2, The Elite. By this point I was still pretty unsure of America. I mean, one minute she is amazing and strong and brave, and the next she is whiney and indecisive and not very nice with people’s (Maxon and Aspen) hearts. She was pretty inconsistent in this book. Like, take the fact that Maxon had barely gotten out of the castle and she is meeting Aspen in a secluded room for make-out session?! Number one, total jerk move. Number two, THAT IS TREASON DUMMY! I get it, Aspen was your first love, your first… yadayadayada but girlfriend, you are systematically destroying your chance at something amazing! And poor Marlee. Gah that crushed me. I loved America’s love and devotion for her friend but that display didn’t really help much. She still got canned, you just brought unnecessary attention to yourself. It’s hard to look “queenly” when you are screaming and getting hauled offstage. And I was shocked that she chose to denounce the caste system… ON LIVE TELEVISION. I mean yes, it is ridiculous and outdated, but she obviously didn’t think that one all the way through. Can’t really blame Maxon for being a little cross with her. And OMG the Maxon/Kriss issue. I hated hearing it as much as America did. It broke my heart into tiny little tiara-shaped pieces. AND THEN HE MAKES OUT WITH CELESTE IN THE HALLWAY!!!!! I lost it. What a douche. I hate you Maxon. I hate you. And I love you. MY FEELINGS. Clearly, I loved this book.


Okay so 35 pages into book 3, The One, we meet August and Georgia and OMG I am so pumped up to read this. I cannot wait to see what he reveals. Also, I loved that in this book Mer FINALLY realizes her true feelings for Maxon and how much she would give to be with him. And she embraces it. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!?! I will admit though, the fact that she continues to self-sabatoge is so painfully relatable. Some wonderful at my fingertips? Let me verbally push it in the mud. Happiness, schmappiness! And all the girls coming together finally? The heart to heart with Celeste?! GIRL POWER! I loved seeing this finally happen. I loved the girls working together instead of against one another. Even Queen Amberley is pulling for America! But she keeps screwing it up. Literally toeing the line between being a voice for the voiceless and acting like an immature know-it-all. And then the pride she and Maxon both hold on to. Ugh. Guys, life is short. When you love someone, SCREAM IT. Don’t balk so you aren’t the “first to say it”. Who freakin’ cares!? The ending of this one ripped my heart out and stomped it until the atoms split and it was nothing but dust. Fear and panic and joy and heartbreak and worry and celebration. It was almost too many emotions to handle. 



Honestly. We meet her and all I want to do is strangle her. How in the world did Mer and Max produce such a snotty, bratty, self entitled bully of a child!? She sucks. She doesn’t care about anyone but Eadlyn and her own personal comfort. She is so presumptuous and embodies everything I hate about my generation. UGHHHH. I was so glad they were forcing her into a selection. Maybe one of these country boys with put little miss priss in her place. Take her down a few pegs. Gah she is terrible. I honestly considered just stopping at several points and DNF’ing the rest of the series. But I pressed on. Initial thoughts were that she would end up with Kile simply because she hated him. I liked seeing Mer and Maxon again, but I would have rather seen their lives unfold than skip to this devil-child. 


REDEMPTION! Thank goodness I continued. As terrible as Eadlyn was to begin with, she really redeems her self. As her story progresses we begin to see her experience self-doubt, and the tiny sparks of actual love. For another person. What a concept. I loved the contestants in this one. Henri was so adorable. Kile developed into more than his messy appearance and architecture. Eric was always lurking in the shadows and in Eady’s mind! I was wrong about Kile and her, but I did see Eric coming up on her radar before she did. It was a great way to end it. Also, the story line was so spectacular in regards to Hale and Ean. It made so much sense that they would love each other. I love love love that this LGBT relationship did not feel forced or like it had to be the main focus of the book. It was just this little background story that was absolutely lovely. I love Halean… Eale… well their couple name needs a little work. This book was so much better than the last one. The story wrapped up nicely and I really really enjoyed it. Well all of it except Early Selection Eadlyn. She was awful. 



So that’s it. Thanks for coming along with me on that journey. I know it didn’t seem as professional or put together as my other reviews, but it is what it is. And I love it. And this series. Thank you Kiera Cass! PLEASE comment below with any and all feels in regard to this series. I need to talk about it more. 

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