Ways To Listen To More Audiobooks

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and The Bookish. They are currently on a hiatus, so I am making up my own topic this week! Audiobooks, yay.

In 2015 I talked about why I struggle with Audiobooks, and let’s face it I still struggle with them. Terribly. Maybe I get distracted too easy, or maybe it is the ADD. Who knows lol. But I’ve been watching Peter Like Books this year, and his excitement for audiobooks has made me want to give them another try. And believe it or not they are starting to grow on me. Shocker, I know. I think the trick is be doing something else while listening. So let’s discuss some things you can do while listening to Audiobooks. Little bits of time here and there will add up more than you think!

doing extremely boring chores

Nobody likes doing stuff around the house. It is boring, tedious, and time consuming. But throw in an audiobook and you’ll find yourself choring a ton more. Hey, it is a win win. Getting some wireless headphones was a serious game changer for me! 


Driving is another mundane task where audiobooks can save the day. Listen to audiobooks while driving to and fro goes together like milk and cookies. If you don’t drive, then insert here your preferred mode of transportation.


Yes, showering, I’m serious. This is my favorite way to listen to audiobooks! I have it down to a science: grab a Ziplock bag, seal your phone inside (it stretches just fine if your phone is on the bigger side), jump in and push play with the volume as high as it will go. Voila you have 20 minutes of relaxing audiobook time. 

standing/waiting in line

If you are ever waiting on anything at all (i.e.: dentist office, doctor’s office, car maintenance, to check out at the store, waiting on someone, etc etc) this is a perfect opportunity to squeeze in a few minutes of your audiobook.


When your shopping for everyday things throw on an audiobook to drown out the world around you. Think about it: 3 minutes to walk in + at least 10 minutes shopping + 3 minutes to walk back to your car…over 15 minutes you knocked out!


Listening to audiobooks while you exercise is also an option. If you avoid exercise like the plague then maybe this will help you forget you are exercising. Probably not but it will make it more enjoyable. I prefer music but I am trying to switch over to the dark side haha!

Getting ready

While you are getting ready to go out, or getting ready for bed is also a good time to listen. Putting makeup on, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, etc etc are pretty mindless tasks.

random and mindless tasks

For me this could be cleaning out my email, taking my dog out, checking the mailbox, just random things like that.

winding down for bed

Maybe you could listen for 10-15 minutes before bed. It takes me about 15 minutes to fall asleep so 10 minutes works great for me. What if you fall asleep and lose your place you say? That is easy – set a sleep timer for a few minutes. I usually use Overdrive for all my audiobooks but their new app Libby is so awesome and tons better! I seriously recommend you check it out. It is like Overdrive went from 1995 to 2017 finally. I’m glad I held off on getting Audible. There is lots of choices for a sleep timer even as low as 5 minutes. 


what do you do while listening to Audiobooks?


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  1. I do allllll of these – it’s really the best way to crank through audiobooks!

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