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I came across this tag from BooksandLaLa‘s youtube channel and I just really really wanted to do it myself. Since I am not feeling overwhelming pull from any book right now (thanks ACOTAR slump) the timing felt perfect. So the concept behind the tag is to take 5 books from your TBR and read the first chapter of each. From that chapter you pick your next read. As a disclaimer, I usually don’t read the synopsis because I like going in blind.So let’s get into it!

Book 1

A Darker Shade of Magic (2015) V.E. Schwab

  1. What I know: Everyone loves this book about alternate Londons and traveling pirate thieves.                      
  2. Total number of pages: 398
  3. Pages in the first chapter: 9

Impression: Kell seems to be a messenger between 3 different Londons, red, white, and grey. There’s a black one too but it’s lost. Anyway, Kell reads a short letter to n king, but freestyles to bring the old man some happiness. Then he leaves London through the wall after rubbing his blood on it. It did pique my interest and I started to continue to chapter 2.


Book 2

Under Rose-Tainted Skies (2017) Louise Gornall

  1. What I know: Main character has agoraphobia or anxiety. Mental illness is main point.
  2. Total number of pages: 326
  3. Pages in the first chapter: 4 

Impression: Norah obviously has OCD and anxiety. A book has moved slightly and she tries not to adjust it, to test herself, but fails. While she is at the window, she sees a boy moving in next door. I want to know more. I really liked this one. Even with just 4 pages.


Book 3

Ugly Love (2014) Colleen Hoover

  1. What I know: New Adult romance with a RN main character
  2. Total number of pages: 322
  3. Pages in the first chapter: 16

Impression: Tate is a nurse who is getting her masters and moves to San Fransisco for school and moves in with her pilot brother who just so happens to not be home. As she tries to get in his apartment she runs into a drunk guy on his doorstep which turns out to be the neighbor, Miles, and her brother asks that she look after this person till he gets home in the morning. The whole thing seems incredibly implausible but for some reason I want to know more. Just not sure how badly.


Book 4

The Valiant (2017) Lesley Livingston

  1. What I know: Girl gladiators kick ass!
  2. Total number of pages: 372
  3. Pages in the first chapter: 11

Impression: Fallon and Mael are attempting to pull off a maneuver on a chariot and they just barely do. But Fallon almost gets killed and although they’ve known each other for 10+ years, they are just realizing how much they love each other and kiss. Mael wants to ask for Fallon’s hand in marriage, she says wait. I can sense where this is going. Someone is gonna die. 


Book 5

Into The Water (2017) Paula Hawkins

  1. What I know: Brand new thriller from Girl on the Train author
  2. Total number of pages: 386
  3. Pages in the first chapter: UGH. No chapters. The first character POV chapter type thing is 1.5 pages.

Impression: Jules is leaving for work when police show up to her door and tell her someone was found in “the water” and now Jules is pissed because she has to go to a place she hates to take care of that someone’s daughter. I need to know more. 



Without a doubt, totally sucked me in with 2 pages.

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2 comments for “Try A Chapter Tag

  1. Molly's Book Nook

    This is actually a really cool tag. I might have to give it a try because I NEVER know what book to read next haha I’ve only read Under Rose Tainted Skies from your list, which is really good! I started ADSOM but I put it down. It wasn’t bad I just wasn’t getting sucked into it. I’ll pick it up again soon. Hope you enjoy the book you chose!

    1. Hollye

      I chose bad! Lol I picked up URTS after though, and OMG. That book was amazing. I love/hate Norah and Luke? siiiiggghh. I loved to trying each chapter, though! Made it fun instead of stressful to pick the next book!

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